Personal Injury

iStock_000022417367SmallPersonal Injuries/Wrongful Death

Nowhere is our passion for justice stronger than when we’re asked to help a client seek recovery for a catastrophic personal injury, or a family recover losses for a loved one’s death caused by someone else’s recklessness or negligence. We can’t heal the physical or emotional pain of a personal injury or wrongful death. But with knowledge, experience and skill we can target optimal financial recovery, and provide the compassion and resources personal injury victims and survivors need. With more than 50 trials to verdict, we are passionate litigators, and never back down from a dispute, no matter how big and well-financed the defendant. Our lawyers have extensive defense experience, and understand the thinking that goes into trying to thwart plaintiffs’ demands for damages. We are known for our creative and pragmatic litigation strategies, and can often obtain top dollar in settlements, sparing our clients the time and distress of trial.

Our cases cover the spectrum of wrongful death and personal injury catastrophes and mayhem from the San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion to car and motorcycle crashes, from burns to broken bones, from loss of wages to loss of consortium to loss of life. Our latest recoveries include over eight-figure settlements in cases such as these: The wrongful death of a young daughter in the San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion; two motorcycle accidents, one after the Gay Pride Parade on San Francisco, and the other against a careless DHL driver; two complex wrist fracture cases with questionable liability; and two wrongful death elder abuse cases. We list these results to show our experience and success in obtaining awards for these types of cases; the results in these cases do not guarantee results in other cases. In the abstract, these recoveries are impressive. In reality, our clients’ personal recoveries make all of our efforts worthwhile.

Each case is unique. Our attorneys meet each with sensitivity and dedication to the craft of lawyering, using the judicial system as it was meant to be used – for the pursuit of justice for people who have been hurt, in these cases by a personal injury or wrongful death. If you have suffered an injury or loss, please contact Debra Bogaards 415.979.0480 or for a free consultation and case evaluation.